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Explore a new beginning with Innovative Immigration Law. We specialize in O, P and EB-1A visas, guiding exceptional individuals and professionals in arts, entertainment, athletics, and more. Let’s make your American dream a reality!

O and P visas
O and P visas
o and p visas for individuals

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Are you an exceptional entertainer, performer, athlete, or an individual with extraordinary skills, dreaming of making the United States your new home? The O & P Visas are tailor-made for professionals and groups showcasing exceptional abilities. However, these visas have several subcategories, and understanding the difference between them could be hard without proper assistance. 

That’s where Innovative Immigration Law comes in.  We’re a special law firm that focuses on P, O, and EB-1A visas. Our team of experts helps people with extraordinary talent, like athletes, entertainers, and entrepreneurs. We’re not just about visas – we also give support to our clients for consular processing, federal litigation, and congressional inquiries. Your special skills deserve special attention, and we’re here to give it to you!

Awards Winning Legal Solutions for Your P-1, O-1 and EB-1A Immigration Needs

Get the legal help you need to navigate the complex immigration system for extraordinary ability with confidence. Our award-winning lawyers have a proven track record of success in the P, O & EB-1A Visa categories.


P-1 visa non-immigrant visa is designed for individuals or groups who are internationally recognized in the field of athletics, entertainment, or arts.


O-1 non-immigrant visas are for extraordinary talents in the disciplines of science, art, education, business, or athletics. Learn more about the O-1 Visa and its benefits.

P-1S & O-2

Subcategories of the P-1 and O-2 visa respectively and are intended for essential support personnel who are integral to the performance of P-1 and O-1 visa holders.


The EB-1A visa allows individuals with extraordinary abilities in the fields of arts, sciences, business, or athletics to obtain permanent residency (green card) in the U.S.

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We are not your average immigration attorneys. Innovative Immigration Law is a hands-on law firm with extraordinary skills in the visa application process, based on actual experience with USCIS.

We don’t believe in offering standard, traditional work authorization choices, which can be limiting. Innovative Immigration Law solves world-class problems using visa categories that we know best. Our past performance speaks for itself, featuring some of the best companies and individuals in the World.

P-1, O-1, and EB-1A visas are exclusive visa categories, and USCIS reserves eligibility for foreign nationals with extraordinary ability or international recognition. Innovative Immigration Law provides honest feedback on eligibility to our clients.


Our firm has professionals around the world to provide visa support in all time zones and maintain relationships with United States consulates and embassies. In this way, we guarantee to have up-to-date information on visa interviews in the P-1, O-1 and EB-1A visa categories.



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"There are some things in life you can get by with the cheaperoff.brand product, and some things you can't. Legal representation is certainly the latter. I rest easy at night knowing I can turn to..."
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"I am extremely grateful for the exceptional legal assistance provided by the immigration team in resolving my complex issues as a sports professional..."
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"I manage professional MMA fighters and decided to work with Sherrod Sports for my client’s O-1 visa application. I’m glad I did. They got an approval for the O-1 visa from Pakistan."
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"I found that the Oakhurst Legal Group was knowledgable about immigration law. I found out the firm through a google search. They answered all my questions and explained to me in simple terms how the immigration works in the U.S..."
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"The best Immigration Law Firm I have dealt with in over 15+ years of being in business as boxing promoter bringing various athletes into the United States via several visas..."
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Frequently Asked Questions

O-1 Visas are reserved for foreign nationals with extraordinary ability in the arts, athletics, sciences, education, and business.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Recipient of lesser awards or prizes for excellence in the field recognized either nationally or internationally.   
  • Evidence or proof that you are a member in associations in your field that require their members to possess outstanding achievements judged by recognized experts. 
  • Proof or evidence that the applicant has authored scholarly articles in the field which are featured in a major media or professional journal.
  • Proof of publication about the applicant’s work either in a professional or major trade publication or major media. 
  • Proof or evidence of participation as the judge, individually or on a panel, of the work of others in the field.
  • Proof or evidence of confirmation of the other applicant’s original athletic, coaching, or scholarly contributions which have major significance to the field in the form of affidavits and five (5) or six (6) letters from prominent colleagues. As per Regulation, the applicant’s outstanding qualification must be attested by a “peer group.” This requirement is proven by letters of recommendation in which the standing in the field of the referees are outlined by their own.  
  • Proof or evidence of employment in a critical or essential capacity for reputable establishments or organizations.

P-1A visas are for individual athletes who have international recognition and are coming to the United States solely to compete. 

Eligibility Criteria

  • Evidence that you (or your team) have previous participation in a major U.S. team or league.
  • Evidence that you (or your team) have previous participation in a national team for an international competition.
  • Evidence that you (or your team) have previous participation with a U.S. college or university in an intercollegiate competition.
  • A detailed written statement from an official of a major U.S. sports league or team regarding your international recognition, individually or as a team.
  • A detailed written statement from a sports media official or a recognized expert in your sport regarding your international recognition, individually or as a team.
  •  Evidence or proof of having received international rankings, if any;
  • Evidence or proof that you are a recipient of a significant honor or award in your sport.

P-1B visas are for entertainment groups that have international recognition and are coming to the United States to participate in engagements in the United States

Eligibility Criteria

  • The entertainer or group has possessed major success in ratings, records, videos sales, or box offices sales.
  • The entertainer or group has achievements which are featured in trade journals or major newspapers.
  • The entertainer or group are recognized by government agencies, critics or other field experts who can attest to the achievements of the entertainer or group.
  • The entertainer or group are highly compensated or receive high salary from the activities that they perform.

The O-1A visa is a type of visa designed for individuals with extraordinary ability or achievement in the fields of sciences, education, business, or athletics. Unlike many other non-immigrant visas, the O-1A visa doesn’t require a specific job offer or employer sponsorship.

The O-1B Visa is designed for motion picture and television professionals, including actors, cinematographers, writers, directors, and other essential personnel.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • The applicant Will be or has performed a role, lead, or star, in an event or production which has a national or international distinguished reputation. (advertisements, critical reviews, contracts, endorsements, press releases or publications may be exhibited as pieces of evidence. 
  • The applicant has national or international achievements or recognitions which have been featured in published material in professional or major trade publications, critical review, or in major media.
  • Proof of performance of a role, lead or star, for a distinguished organization or establishment. 
  • Proof of record, either by box office receipts or record, cassette, compact disk, or video sales, of a major commercial or critically acclaimed success in the performing arts. 
  • Proof of significant recognition for achievements from organizations, government agencies, or other recognized experts in the field. 
  • Proof or evidence of income for having a high salary or other remuneration which the applicant has commanded for services rendered in relation to others.
  • Other analogous proof or evidence (This category is available except for those in the motion picture industry).

The P-1 and O-1 visas are both non-immigrant visas in the United States, but they serve different purposes and have distinct eligibility criteria.

The P-1 visa is focused on athletes, entertainers, and artistic groups coming to the U.S. for specific events or performances, while the O-1 visa is more versatile for individuals with extraordinary ability in a broader range of fields. Additionally, the O-1 visa allows for self-petitioning, providing more independence in pursuing various work engagements.

To be eligible for the EB-1A visa, you must demonstrate that you have sustained national or international acclaim in your field of expertise and that your achievements have been recognized through extensive documentation.

The USCIS has set out certain criteria that an individual must meet to qualify for the EB-1A visa. For example, but not limited to:

  • Evidence or proof that you are a recipient of lesser prizes or awards recognized either nationally or internationally.   
  • Evidence or proof that you are a member in associations in your field that require their members to possess outstanding achievements. 
  • Evidence or proof of publication featuring about you in professional or major trade publications or other major media. 
  • Evidence or proof that you have been invited to be a judge, either individually or on a panel, on the works of others. 
  • Evidence or proof of your original contributions which possess a major significance in either artistic, athletic, scientific, scholarly, or business-related fields.
  • Evidence of proof that you have authored scholarly articles in professional or major trade publication or other major media.
  • Evidence or proof that your works have been exhibited or displayed in art showcases or artistic exhibitions. 
  • Evidence or proof that you have performed a critical or leading role in reputable or distinguished organizations.
  • Evidence or proof that you have directed a high salary or other significantly high remuneration in relation to others in the field.
  • Evidence or proof that you have succeeded commercially in the performing arts (box office sales, receipts, records, etc.)

P-1S and O-2 visas are for the essential support staff of O-1 and P-1 visa holders. 

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Previously experienced with P-1 or O-1 Visa principle visa beneficiary. 
  • Essential Support Role and skill set.
  • Explain why tasks cannot be performed in the United States.
  • Explain why the role is critical to the success of the P-1 or O-1 visa beneficiary.

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