Business Visa for Professionals and Entrepreneurs

Unlock the doors to your American entrepreneurial dreams. Our dedicated focus on O and P visas for foreign business professionals opens new opportunities for unique talents.

The O-1A visa, in particular, is becoming the business visa of choice for many entrepreneurs who do not qualify for other visa categories. Additionally, O-1A visas are appropriate for entrepreneurs who do not have time to wait for further work authorization.
Proving extraordinary ability as a business talent can be challenging. Nevertheless, our high-powered team of attorneys can help improve your likelihood of success. 

The O-1A visa for business professionals applies to any field, as long as the beneficiary meets the eligibility requirements. These requirements are focues on international recognition and sustains outstanding achievements.

O-1 visas can be an excellent tool for business owners and serial entrepreneurs who want to learn new skills, form strategic alliances, and build their businesses in the United States. In some cases, this visa category helps you avoid the restrictive requirements of many other visas.

Other Visa Disadvantages that You May Avoid by Obtaining an O-1 Visa:

  • B-1 visitor visa: Allows you to stay six months at a time. It can be challenging to obtain in certain countries, and has almost no work authorization.
  • EB-5 investment visa: Requires you to contribute at least $750,000 to a project. Additionally, you have to create a substantial number of jobs, and can take a very long time to obtain.
  • E-2 treaty investor visa: Only available in certain countries and heavily restricts your international travel.

EB-2 national interest waiver: Extremely difficult to prove that the beneficiary’s presence is in the best interests of the United States. On the other hand, the O-1 visa requires a sponsor, but the requirements for this sponsor are minimal (compared to other visa categories).

Other requirements for the O-1 visa include winning a substantial international award with a recognition level similar to the Nobel Prize OR at least 3 of the following:

  • Detailed letters of support and confirmation of achievement from experts in your industry.
  • A much higher salary than peers in your industry.
  • Completion of important business in an essential capacity.
  • Time served as a judge, evaluating the skills of peers in your industry.
  • E-1: For talent managers and organizations (if their country has an E-1 bilateral trade relationship with the U.S.).
  • Articles were written about you in prestigious publications with wide distribution.
  • Original contributions to your industry.
  • Membership in selective groups of your peers.
  • A sustained history of earning national and international award.
We can closely assess your situation to determine whether you will meet these qualifications. Our business professional visa attorneys pride ourselves on providing practical advice to our entrepreneurial clients, developing the strategies they need to accomplish their legal and entrepreneurial goals.

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