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P-1 and O-1 Visas Now Exclusively Processed at USCIS Texas Service Center

In a crucial development, the USCIS has ushered in a notable change regarding the processing of P-1 and O-1 visas. The Texas Service Center will now be the exclusive hub for their adjudication. This in-depth exploration delves into what this signifies for applicants and underscores the potential advantages of this shift.

A Major Transition in Visa Processing

As the dynamics of visa processing evolve, the USCIS Texas Service Center has taken the reins for P-1 visa and O-1 visa adjudications. This move sees a shift away from the California and Vermont service centers, which, in recent times, faced critiques regarding the quality of their adjudications.

Why This Move Might Be Favorable

There have been murmurs in the community about the deteriorating quality of visa adjudications in the California and Vermont centers. Thus, transitioning the process to the Texas Service Center might signify an effort by the USCIS to streamline and improve the visa approval process. With a dedicated center now focusing on these specific visa categories, applicants may expect a more consistent, efficient, and high-quality evaluation process.

Precise Addresses for P-1 and O-1 Visa Submissions

To ensure a smooth transition and clarity for applicants, below are the detailed addresses for the USCIS Texas Service Center:

Major League Sports Organization Petitions (P-1A or P-1S):

  • Only NHL, MLB, NFL, NBA, and MLS are considered major league sports for this category.
  • Payment via credit card is acceptable.

P-1A Athlete or Athletic Group (Excluding Major League Sports), P-1B, P-1S, P-2, P-2S, P-3, and P-3S:

  • Payment via credit card is acceptable.

O Visas (O-1A, O-1B, and O-2):

  • Payment via credit card is acceptable.

For detailed mailing information for each category, click here.


This significant shift in the processing of P-1 and O-1 visas to the USCIS Texas Service Center is expected to usher in a more streamlined, efficient, and effective adjudication process. Applicants are advised to stay updated on any further announcements and ensure that all documentation is sent to the correct address to avoid any delays in processing.

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